Tuesday’s tip of the week!

A little while ago, I talked about why I love my job. I find working with kids so rewarding. I often think that people pay me to be an absolute and utter GOOF…it’s fantastic. This “goofiness” is what helps me capture such great images of kids. When you’re willing to make faces at the kids, they will respond in kind. They will laugh, sometimes uncontrollably, but ultimately, they will smile and it will be genuine.

The problem most parents have when they bring out the camera, is their child pulls the cheesy, forced grin. It’s the automatic reaction to being asked to smile. However, if someone is making jokes or being a ham behind the camera, it’s really easy to smile and have it be genuine.

Expression is what makes or breaks a photograph. I think it’s the single most important element. It doesn’t necessarily have to be a big smile. One of my favourite expressions of Ella is her “surprise” face. So when I want to capture it…I simply make that face at her and she makes it back…click and you’ve got an image that will always make you smile 🙂 So go ahead, give yourself permission to be silly, it will pay off in the images that you get!

Happy Tuesday! We’ll be back to more Island Session sneak peeks tomorrow!

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