Tuesday’s Tip – Put a Camera in Their Hands

Sorry it’s been so long since our last tips post. I have lots of ideas of things that I want to share… but then I think, “Do people really want to know that?”, so I begin to doubt myself and then the posts never get written and the vicious cycle continues. So, I’ll put this out there. If there’s something you would like to know about photography, whether it be how to take better photos of your kids or what kind of camera to buy or how to photograph stars, send us an email, or post a comment below and we’ll be sure to answer the question for you in another post! We always love to hear from you 🙂

Now onto today’s tip – Letting your kids have a camera.

I’m sure our point of view on cameras is a little different than most. We own quite a few. Some old, some new. Some get pulled out on a regular basis, others haven’t been touched in years. Since having kids, we’ve always allowed them access to our cameras… yes, even our “work” cameras. Our reason for this is simple, instill in your kids a responsibility for things and they will learn to take care of them… but also instill in them a natural curiosity for the world that surrounds them and give them a way to capture that.

Ella is fascinated with taking photographs and loves to wander around the house with my iPod, documenting the world around her. She proudly shows them to me and explains them. She’s surprisingly discerning in her tastes and will delete the ones she doesn’t like. I LOVE this. I love to see her explore and create and enjoy. Tehya does this too, but not quite as often and she hasn’t quite figured out the delete button yet!

A couple of weeks ago, Eric took the girls out for a walk… and gave them each a camera. I couldn’t go with them, as I had a meeting to go to, but it was fun to see the world through their eyes when they got back!

Ella’s view of the start of their walk


And Tehya’s perspective… not bad for a 2 1/2 year old!


I love how absorbed Tehya is in this shot.


A rather cute selfie. This was the third attempt and she kept checking to see if she got it right before being very excited by this one.


These next two just make me smile. We so often walk right past these things without paying them any mind, but to a 4 year old, they are worth photographing.



This is probably one of my favourites from their walk. I’m impressed with the composition, the light, the emotion… but most of all, that this was created entirely by Ella. No help from dad, just something interesting that she saw and wanted to document.


I’d gotten home about 10 minutes before them that day and Tehya wanted to come inside right away because she was cold. Ella wandered around outside with Eric, as she wanted to take more photographs. I love this image. Even though she’d come inside, Tehya still wanted to be part of the action, so insisted that I sit with her by the window, so that we could “watch my Ella!”


Our crocuses 🙂


So the point of all of this. Don’t be afraid to put a real camera into your child’s hands. Show them how to use it. Put a strap on the camera and attach it to their jacket. Explain to them that if they aren’t gentle, they may break it but then let them be. You never know what kind of art they may create 🙂

Happy Tuesday!

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