Tuesday’s tip – Simple Summer Equipment

Ella, Tehya and I went out yesterday with sunscreen on. To me, that must mean that summer is here. With that in my head, I thought I’d make a list of the four photographic things that you should have when you are out for a walk. If you’re a photographer, then this list is even more important because sometimes you need to leave the camera bag at home.

These items should fit in your pocket or the top pocket of your pack at most.

Point and shoot camera. This might be an iphone, but specifically, it’s the camera that will fit comfortably into your pocket.

Charged Battery. Yes, make sure that your battery is charged. Nothing is worse than a dead battery.

Media cards. That’s the CF or SD card where your images are stored. My suggestion is to make sure that the card is free of images before you take it out. If you’re not keeping good order of your images, then read this post here.

A mini tripod. My personal favorite that fits into your pocket is the ultrapod. It’s only 10 cm long.

Here’s a couple of images from our walk today.

With these few pieces of equipment, you should be able to capture some great summer memories. Now if the sun would just come back!


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