Tuesday’s Tip – Slow Down!

Last night Eric and I were discussing a tip for today. He said, “We should remind everyone that school is back in and to slow down.”

“But we posted about that last year!” was my reply. Both of us were tired, so that was the end of the tips discussion…

Then this morning, I decided to read what we’d written last year and see if I could “cheat” and post it again. I’d forgotten that this time last year, Eric was heading back to teach at Langara and we were waiting for Tehya to appear. It’s amazing to me how much changes in a year!

So your tips for today…

Slow down and respect the speed limits in school zones… our kids are out there.

But more importantly, slow down and enjoy the moment. Before you know it, you’ll blink and your kids will be off to college.

What I looked like a year ago… well maybe a little bigger! Thanks to Kelli at Etheridge Photographic for the image when I was about 36 weeks.

Happy Tuesday!

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