Tuesday’s Tip – Summer Photos…

Yesterday, my sister took Ella to the aquarium. The outing was her gift for her birthday. When my sister got home with Ella, she proceeded to say what a bad auntie she was, because she forgot to bring a camera, so there were no images of the special day they had.

I know the feeling well. We live in a society right now that is INTENT on documenting everything… from the food that we eat to the activities we do to the world around us… and then we post it to Social Media… because it’s easy.

Here’s the thing, when we focus so much on documenting events, we forget to ENJOY them. We take ourselves out of the moment, instead of savouring them. As Ella was going to bed last night, she talked about all the things she did and saw. She really enjoyed herself. She had so much fun with her auntie. A special day just the two of them. Yes, there are no photos, but the memories are there, and really that’s what truly matters.

So this summer, when you’re out and about, put your camera or phone away. Be in the moment. Savour it. The memories will be brighter and richer!

Happy Tuesday!

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