Tuesday’s Tip – Take your camera!!!

Last week I went on our annual fishing trip to Ucluelet with my Dad and brother. I contemplated taking my “good” camera with me, but in the end decided not to because we usually head offshore and there isn’t much to take photographs of outside of the boat. Well, this year we couldn’t head offshore because the waves were rather large, the wind was blowing hard and the forecast was for conditions to get worse. Instead, we went out into the Broken Group, part of Pacific Rim National Park, and the Deer Group, a spectacular group of islands a little further south that I have kayaked before. We headed out in the morning with stars above our heads and the light starting to come up over the islands. We fished less than 30 meters off the shoreline most of the day and saw a great variety of animal and birdlife…  Let’s just say that the scenery for most of the day was spectacular. All I took with me was my old point and shoot camera. I wished that I had my good camera and all of my lenses. The moral of the story, take your camera you never know when an unexpected turn will take place and you’ll really want it.

Having said that, we had a great day on the boat with Mike from Morning Magic. The fishing was as slow as it has been for 10 years but we still caught three great fish. Here are a few images from the Pentax WP.

The Deer Group in the early morning sun.

Where the rainforest and the water meet. Just east of the The Broken Group.

A little fun in Photoshop. Taken from just off Seddall Island in Barkley Sound.


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