Tuesday’s Tip – Telling the story

Yes, I do realize that it’s Wednesday today… but I just had to post Corinna and Scott’s photos yesterday!

Photography is a very powerful tool. It preserves special moments and gives us the ability to recall those moments at a later date. They document growth, love, happiness and sadness. They help you tell stories.

Since Tehya was born, one of my favourite pass times is watching Ella care for her sister. This morning, when Ella woke up, she wanted Tehya to come and cuddle with her in bed. I couldn’t resist and grabbed the camera. Here are a few of my favourites.

Ella sat up to find her Winnie the Pooh Bear for Tehya to cuddle with.

Ella’s telling Tehya a story.

Ella decided that they needed to cuddle with the covers on, so up they came!

So the tip… keep your camera handy. You never know when the perfect story telling opportunity will come up!

Happy Wednesday.

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