Tuesday’s Tip – Thank You Cards

A few years ago, I watched “The Last Lecture.” For those of you who haven’t watched the video, or read the book, Randy Pausch was diagnosed with cancer and given a limited period of time to live. He gave a last lecture to his university students, colleagues and thanks to YouTube, anyone who cares to watch the moving story. It’s worth the hour or so if you haven’t seen it yet.

After the last lecture, Randy gave another lecture on, ironically, time management. This is an even better lecture to watch. In it he talks about something I want to talk about today; the thank you note.

Beside my desk at work and at home, I have a pile of blank thank you cards. I use them whenever I need to write a thank you note. It takes a little longer than an e-mail, but I think that it’s worth spending the time. To me, a thank you note that is hand written means more than a 🙂 or a ;).

How many of you take the time to write thank you cards?

My last batch of thank you cards is almost gone, and Katrina and I have been talking about creating a new set. Would you like to win a set of our new thank you cards? If so, simply post a comment below before 10pm on September 1st, telling us what you’re most thankful for and we’ll do a draw Friday morning.

Not really a photo tip today – but something important to think about!

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