Tuesday’s Tip – That Time of Year

The “end” of summer is upon us and it’s back to school today for many people. Eric’s back to teaching, so life here will become a little different, as he’s had a lot of time at home this summer. I have another year before Ella will be heading off to Kindergarten, which shocks me a little. How is it that time keeps marching on so quickly?

I know I’ll be seeing a lot of first day of school photographs on Facebook today. I LOVE seeing these and think it’s a great souvenir as your kids get older. I wanted to share a couple of quick pointers, in hopes that it will help you get a great shot of your kids!

1 – Look for outdoor covered shade or soft window light.

It’ll help you get images like this:


Or this:


2 – If you have the ability to do it, use your flash off camera. (Pointers can be found here or here)

3 – Do something silly to get a genuine smile out of your child.

4 – Try and choose a neutral background, so that your focus remains where it should be… on your child.

5 – Don’t worry if the shot’s not perfect, the fact that you’re taking it is the most important… the next most important thing to do with it… put it in an album of some sort!

Oh… and don’t forget to SLOW DOWN in the school zones!

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