Tuesday’s Tip – The Canon/Nikon Debate

I got a  text message from a friend the other day asking advice about a camera she was getting her husband for his birthday. She was asking, which is better, Canon or Nikon? My answer – it doesn’t matter!

Here’s the thing, your camera, whatever it is, is a tool. It is there to record and do what you tell it to do. Sure, there are some features that are different with each make/model of camera. I tend to find that Nikon provides a “cleaner” image at higher ISO’s than Canon does. I’ve found that Canon focuses better in low light than Nikon does. There are pros and cons to both sides and there are people who adamantly defend their chosen brand. I don’t.

When you’re a consumer and the purpose of the camera is to record memories and moments in time, my best advice, buy something you’ll actually use and take with you. If you’re not willing to lug around an SLR, don’t buy one simply because it may take better photographs…. those better photographs won’t happen if you don’t have a camera with you!

We’ve talked about our gear before in different posts. Here’s the “back story” as it were. When Eric and I met, I used Nikon, he used Canon. I was still using film, he was digital. When we decided that we’d take the business digital, we looked at all our gear and decided that we’d invest in a Nikon digital body. Why? Because I had invested more money in lenses. Not because one or the other was better, but because the lenses I had were better.

So the next time you’re looking at a new camera, just remember, get the best deal you can on something that will best suit your purposes 🙂

Happy Tuesday!

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