Tuesday’s tip. The great cleanup – part 1

It’s a new year, a clean slate, and perhaps time for a new organization system for your “thousands” of digital photographs. Over the next few weeks, if you do each of these steps, by the end of February you will have a nice, neat, manageable set of lovely images to share with your friends and families.

This week is step one. It’s a tough one for a lot of us. There’s no easy way of saying it so… Delete some photographs.

I know that you don’t really want to throw any of them away, but realistically it’s time that you do.  It’s better to have fifty or a hundred really great photos from a year all in one spot than it is to have an extra thousand or two average photos mixed in.

Here’s two examples from our recent shoot with Tehya.

These two images are so much alike that I don’t really need to keep them both. (For those of you wondering, I would keep the one on the left, as Tehya’s eyes are more focused towards the camera and I prefer the expression, even though they are both so similar. If you’re having trouble deciding, put the images side by side and go with you initial gut reaction!)

This image, however cute it is, probably won’t be shared with anyone, so into the trash it goes.

Be ruthless. It goes in the trash if it’s out of focus, too bright, too dark…  Trust me, you’ll have less work when you start on step two next week.


PS. If you really can’t bear to throw away the files, put them into a folder on your desktop called “pre-trash.” Trust me, you’ll never go into that folder again (but it’s there if it makes you feel better).

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