Tuesday’s tip – The great cleanup – part 2

So how did it go last week? Were you able to get rid of your duplicates and the not so perfect images? How many of you ended up with a “pre-trash” folder? If you haven’t done last week’s task, you’d better get on it, as it really will make the next step so much faster.

Step Two (and three): Choose Digital Asset Management software and put your files into folders.

Digital Asset Management Software (or DAM)??? Sounds too techie for me… not so. It’s simply a program that allows you to organize, search and view images. Some examples of DAM are iPhoto or Aperture (for mac users), Picasa or ACDSee (for PC users), Lightroom or Bridge (for pros). *If you are choosing a new DAM then I would suggest that you choose iPhoto, Picasa or Lightroom.

If you want ‘one on one’ program specific help you’re either going to have to win our Why Wednesday contest this week or book some time with me, but…

No matter what DAM program you use, you need to create some folders. The first level folder should be “personal images”, the next level should be the year (2011). After that it’s up to you. Perhaps the month or the event. You’re on your own here as everyone is different. Don’t get too specific. You probably should only have about three levels of folders. For our personal images I use: Year, Month, Event (or location). For our clients, I use Year and Client name.

I’m also giving you a little homework to hand in for next week. I need to know which DAM software you are using. You can either comment on the blog, send me an e-mail or post on the Facebook group. It’ll help me with the next couple of steps! Thank you!

Here’s a screen shot of what an organized iPhoto folder looks like. (These are image taken while commuting from work)

See you next week!

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