Tuesday’s tip – The great cleanup – part 4

How ironic is it that we need to re-post our tip from last week? The next step of the great clean up was “back up your stuff”. Well our server (which is located somewhere in Texas we think) went down last week and what did we loose? Thankfully not much. They were able to restore from the Monday night back up, so all we lost was Tuesday’s tip and a couple of comments. No computer system is immune to a crash, every hard drive will fail, sooner or later. So back up your stuff.

I can’t stress this enough, You HAVE to back up your files. Hard drives are inexpensive when compared to loosing all of your memories. Buy two external hard drives and back up all of your files. Keep one hard drive at home and one somewhere else. If When one of your hard drives fails you will still have a back up.

*This means that you need to have three copies of everything.


Here’s what we posted last week (or an approximation of it, as we had to re-write it!)

Now that you’ve gone through all of those images, you really don’t want to go through them again and you definitely don’t want to loose them, so this week’s task (as well as last week’s task) requires a trip to the store.

This week you are going hard drive shopping and then you are backing up all of your images. You don’t need to purchase the fastest hard drive, just buy the one with enough capacity for a couple of years worth of images. And as with a lot of things these days, you get what you pay for, so buy the one with the longest warranty.

I hope that you’ve kept up with me so far. If you haven’t, you can start here. Only one more week to go. Next week is fun, I promise (for real this time).


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