Tuesday’s tip – Time of Day

Last week I gave a lecture to some of the staff and faculty at Langara College as part of the College’s professional development days. The lecture was on travel photography, but most of the tips and tricks that I discussed in the class apply to photographing almost anything, anywhere.

One of the points I made to the group at Langara is that light is so very important. Today I want to talk about time of day. It is very hard to take amazing photographs in the middle of the day. The light is directly overhead causing either hard shadows or flat two dimensional lighting.

Here are two examples (you can figure out which is which)

So the easy solution. Choose a better time of day. Late in the evening, just before sunset, just after sunset and my personal favourite, the early morning are the best times to photograph just about everything.

Here are a few examples of wonderful natural light.

Evening light:

Morning light:

and lastly, that beautiful light that happens for about 5 minutes after the sun goes down.

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