Tuesday’s Tip – What Matters Most in a Photograph

There are probably a million and one technical things that I could write in this post. It would be about camera settings, exposure, light etc., and while I know how to control all those things, I don’t think they are nearly as important as two things that I’m going to talk to you about today… Connection and Expression.

Let’s start with connection. When you look at a photograph of a loved one, it’s so important to feel a connection with them or to see the connection that they have with each other in the photograph. Take this image of Ella and Tehya from Christmas a couple of years ago. The connection and love between them is almost palpable. I love their joy that is shining through. I love that they are having fun together. It is a perfect representation of them at that exact moment in time and the amazing relationship that they have as sisters.


Now Expression… most people when they go to take a photograph of their kids, the first thing they do is ask them to do is look at the camera and smile. Don’t get me wrong, this is wonderful… but it doesn’t always truly represent who your kids are at a particular moment in time. Take this image of Tehya from her 2 year old portrait session. One of the things I love most about Tehya is how expressive her face is. This image truly represents her and all that I love about her.


Sure, I have just as many photos of my girls looking at the camera and smiling, as most of you do… but I also have just as many of them not looking at the camera and being themselves! The point of this post… remember that sometimes the best expressions your kids have are not the ones that we often think about when we pick up the camera!

Happy Tuesday!

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