Tuesday’s Tip – When everything fails, bail.

For Canada day we didn’t have anything planned. We’d thought we might check out the Steveston Salmon Festival… but it seemed a little dreary out. At the last minute we decided to head out to the Aquarium. It was great. We arrived at about 6 pm and because they were closing in an hour and we had almost every exhibit to ourselves. No fighting for space and the girls could go right up look at things without having to wait for others to finish. After the Aquarium we decided to go out for an impromptu picnic…

Ella checking out the fish.

Looking for the frogs…

…this is where things went a little sideways. I bought food from a “reputable?” grocery store chain and headed to a nice picnic spot by the water. As we were putting the food out on the table, the wind picked up and it was cold. We tried to eat the food but the buns were stale, the mac and cheese was cold, the chicken was sloppy? and the rice was dry. The knife I bought was in that packaging that needs a knife to open… it was not turning out to be a great picnic. So, attempting to turn a bad situation into a good one, we headed for home and had leftovers in the warmth of our kitchen. I was so grateful that the kids were such troupers and had fun, even though they were freezing!

A beautiful but cold picnic spot.

I’ve already packed a bag for the car that contains plates, cutlery, towels, a blanket and a knife that is now out of its packaging.

Looking forward to our next picnic. That is, if Katrina will let me try again.

p.s. Looking for a photography tip? I’ve said this before, but… when you’re out and about, bring the camera that fits in your pocket. Take a couple of snapshots but focus more on spending the time enjoying the moments, rather than documenting the moments!

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