Tuesday’s tip – Workflow and how to avoid the Great Cleanup!

Wow, we’ve come to the end of the Great Cleanup. Thank you to those of you who followed along, I hope you found it helpful.┬áNow a tip on how to avoid ever having to do it again!

After you’ve spent the day making photographs, come home and download your cards right away. Once you’ve loaded them to your computer, go through and delete the ones you don’t want, do your keywording, rename the files and put them into the correct folders on your hard drive. Then don’t forget to BACK EVERYTHING UP!! If you can follow these steps everyday, it’ll never become an overwhelming task again.

I have found that when people get on top of the workflow every day, they tend to take less photographs. You will start asking yourself, “Am I really going to keep this photograph when I get home tonight?” or “What am I going to do with this photograph?” before you press the shutter. You’ll start taking less photographs and that means less editing and more time away from your computer. After all, this is what we all want.

See you next week.

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