Tuesday’s Tip – Working with what you’ve got!

It was such a gorgeous day yesterday, that I asked Ella if she wanted to go to the park (I wanted to take her 2 1/2 year portraits). She said, “No, I play outside on the deck.” So I decided to work with what I had…a really ugly deck with too much stuff on it but amazing light! So I took a look around and decided that if I photographed her standing on top of our wood box, with the wall as our background, I could eliminate all things ugly and just use the light!

Here’s a look at our deck. You can see we have a big open space on the left hand side. We also have a deck right above ours, so the light is blocked from the top. Overall, it makes for really amazing light.

I was using my 60mm macro lens, so that I could focus at a close distance (arm’s reach because I didn’t want her to fall off the box!) and also elminate the two windows on either side from my background.

Nothing better than a beautiful smile 🙂 I can hardly believe that she’s already 2 1/2!

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Have a fabulous Tuesday!

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