Tuesday’s Tip

Today..there will be no photography tip, because last night I spent over 5 hours at the emergency room with Ella. Don’t worry it’s nothing serious. She took a tumble while playing and I didn’t notice until later in the day that she wouldn’t put any weight on her left foot. So I fed her a little bit of dinner, picked up Eric from the Skytrain and we headed off to the emergency room. She was a trouper. Only cried when they x-rayed her and was still smiling when we left. They couldn’t tell us what was wrong, but said to come back if anything changed. (Hmmm…how about no!)

This morning, I took Ella to our family doctor, partly because she still wouldn’t put any weight on her left foot and partly because she already had an appointment scheduled for her 18 month shots. After two seconds (cause that’s how long Ella would let him touch her for!), he looks at me and says that she’s sprained her ankle. He said there was a slight temperature difference, but no major swelling and based on what I described of her fall, she’d simply sprained it! Lesson learned…on most things, wait until you can see your family doctor!

If you do have to make a trip to the Emergency with your child (and have a few moments to collect your thoughts), here are a couple of tips of things to bring with you! I would suggest a bucket full of books/toys to entertain your toddler (or the adults that accompany the child!) A huge vat of patience and a dollop of humour. Oh, and a few snacks would go a long way too. (Ella polished off all the snacks I had and still wanted more to eat!)

I will have a photography tip for you tomorrow…when I’ve had more than 5 hours of sleep and don’t smell like a hospital!

Happy Tuesday 🙂

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