Tuesday’s Tips – geeky stuff about memory cards

Two quick tips today:

A while ago, while teaching a basic photography class, I asked how people get their images off their memory card. I was surprised to learn that most people use the USB cord that came with their camera. There is an easier way… It’s called a card reader. It does many things for you… It allows you to save your camera’s battery, you can download one card while still taking photographs with another and it is usually faster. They only cost about $20 and are totally worth it.

Here’s an example of what one looks like:

Tip number two is about extending the life of your memory card. Most people delete or erase the files off of their memory cards. This takes the files that you had on there and puts them into the trash. It doesn’t get rid of the files entirely. This means that those files are still around to corrupt your new images, they take up space and are generally a lot like trash that hasn’t been taken out. There is a better way.. Formatting. In the menu of your camera there is an option called format. Use this to permanently delete the old images off your card and make space for new ones. Just make sure you have all the files downloaded before!

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