Tuesday’s Tips – The App

Kids love technology. They take to it like ducks to water. Today’s tip is all about the best apps for kids. Here are a few of my favourites…

Alarm Clock. This is an app that shows you the time, weather and not surprisingly, has an alarm clock. I use it for Reading bedtime stories to Ella because when you shake it, it turns into a great little flashlight.

Phone Tap. An Ella favourite, and it’s great for my phone bill because it’s a fake phone!

I Hear Ewe. Ella loves this one, The free version is just a click and play, but the full version has matching and learning games.

Evernote: Ok this one isn’t for kids, it for us adults who have to organize ourselves. I got this one from Darren Bernaerdt, a colleague who uses it for it’s amazing connect-ability. You can write yourself a note on your computer at work, at home or on your blackberry or iphone. It automatically syncs to the rest of your devices. You can even access your stuff from a public computer… Amazing!

I’d love to hear if you let your kids play with your iphone, ipod or ipad and what apps your kids or you love.

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