Valentine’s Special

There are many things I love about the New Year. The feeling that you have a clean slate to create whatever you want for yourself. The possibilities seem endless as all this time stretches before you… but I have also learned that time moves quickly and if you don’t stop and consciously seize moments, they will just get caught up in the rush of every day living.

As I was busy packing up my Christmas decorations yesterday, I couldn’t help but feel grateful. 2013 had been an amazing year for us. Christmas this year was magical, now that the girls are old enough to understand and be awed by the magic of the season. It reminded me of how much I love them and how much I value my time with them.

It was also the catalyst for me to create a Valentine’s Day Special… especially for all the Dads out there. I know that I’m a hard person to buy for. I know that Eric finds it somewhat challenging to find something I’ll love. There’s not a lot that I need or want. I’m content with what I have… but there is always one thing that I love. Images of my kids. I love being able to capture their little personalities and I love being able to put those moments on my wall. So, Dads, why not do something a little different this year and get the special mom in your life something that she’ll treasure… beautiful images of her kids!

valentine's special

The sooner you book, the better chance there is that you’ll have a fantastic piece of art to surprise her with this Valentine’s day! Limited space available, so call now!

Happy Monday!!

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