Victoria Session – Nicole

Sisters. Sometimes you love them, sometimes they drive you crazy (I’ve got two of them, so this I know!). Sometimes they do things for you that are so sweet and unexpected, that it makes you smile.

On Saturday morning, Theresa sent me an email, wondering if there was any way that we could squeeze in a maternity session for her sister, Nicole, after we’d finished photographing her kids. When I got the email, (an hour and a half before Theresa’s session was due to start!), I was very excited. I quickly called Theresa and arranged everything.

I LOVE baby bellies. No two are ever alike, but one thing that is alway constant, is the “glow” women have when they are pregnant. No matter how much they “hate” being photographed, they are simply radiant when they step in front of the camera. Nicole was certainly no exception. A beautiful mom-to-be with a simply adorable belly!

Theresa – what a wonderful gift to give to your sister. Thank you for trusting us with this.

Nicole – enjoy the time you have left, before you know it, it will be over. I hope you’re as delighted with these images as we are!

Nicole seems so content in this photograph…

The “perfect” round belly!

This one is a bit of a departure from what we normally do, so would love your feedback on it! Love it? Hate it? Please let me know. (personally, I kinda like it!)

Happy Wednesday 🙂

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