Victoria Session with Jackson & Olivia

I LOVE working with kids. Some people think I’m crazy, because they think it’s “hard work”. To that I say, where else would you get paid to moo like a cow or test out your silliest faces? This weekend in Victoria was no exception. Jackson and Olivia were so much fun to work with. Thank you guys for being so awesome!

Here are a few of my favourite images from the weekend.

Sweet little Olivia

Jackson has such a great smile! Love it!

Upside down feet!

Hanging out together…

Their mom, Theresa, actually commented to Eric how lucky we were, as we always got to see people at happy times. Families, newborns, bellies, weddings. And I have to agree. It’s a pretty great job. Capturing wonderful moments for people is something I never tire of. Thanks again for your time on the weekend, it was awesome!

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