Wee Woolies….

A few years ago, friends of ours started a little company called Wee Woolies. Eric and I loved the concept. We talked endlessly about getting some jammies for our kids… but it kept getting put on the back burner… until a few weeks before our camping trip… and I don’t know why we waited!

One night, after getting the girls into their jammies, we decided to head down to the lake to take some photos and have some fun.

I LOVE the design of the Wee Woolies jammies. The different coloured bums and cuffs make them fun and the colours are so bright and cheerful. I love the way they fit, the way they look and how warm and happy our kids were wearing them.




I know, I’m completely biased, but I love this little munchkin!



And this little goofball too.



During the trip, I found myself wishing that we had more than one pair of jammies for each of the girls. The first two nights we were camping, our little ones slept through the night, but, the morning of the third day, Tehya took a big tumble and put a hole in the knee of hers. Knowing that a lot of wool fabrics tend to run, I didn’t want to risk making the hole any bigger, so I took the jammies out of the rotation until I could get them home and mend them. (Thanks to Cindy at Wee Woolies for sending me a little piece of fabric to patch up the knee!) The next two nights, despite wearing warm fleece jammies, I ended up with a little wiggly companion in my sleeping bag, because she was cold. To me, it really highlighted how much better the merino jammies were at keeping the girls warm, and with more adventures on the horizon, you can be sure that we’ll be stocking up on more jammies to take with us!

Happy Thursday!

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