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I love, love, love when we get such beautiful weather in Vancouver! It makes it so easy to get out and enjoy some fresh air with the kids. Although, it was a little chilly and we did see some fog on Saturday, Ella had a great time and loved being outside. Tehya, on the other hand, liked being outside, as long as she wasn’t in the baby carrier and we were moving! Needless to say, I have some very sore arms today 🙂

Anyway, onto the adventures. On Saturday we went to the Reifel Bird Sanctuary in Ladner. It’s a great place for kids as the walking trails are flat, albeit a bit muddy, and there are loads of birds to see. I would recommend that you take some binoculars or a telephoto lens and a bird book. The cost is $5.00 for adults and $3.00 for kids over the age of 2. We saw a huge number of different species including Wood Ducks, Sandhill Cranes, Night and Great Blue Herons, a Pheasant and a Barred Owl. The Barred Owl was the highlight of the day, as he was awake and as interested in checking us out as we were in seeing him!

Just hanging out…

And a video…

Then on Sunday, we headed out to Boundary Bay to see if we could spot a couple of Snowy Owls…and we did! We were lucky enough to see about 10 of them sitting in the logs within a few feet of the dyke and you could see a LOT more further out in the marshland. I realize that this next bit is going to sound like a bit of a rant… but it needs to be said.

Five years ago, the last time the Snowy Owls migrated this far south in search of food, Eric and I were lucky enough to spot half a dozen of them in the same location we were in yesterday. At that time, we were the only people on the dyke. Yesterday (I suspect in large part thanks to social media and blogs), there were over a hundred people on the dyke, many of them wandering around out in the marsh, striving to get a better photograph of these birds. Often, people were getting too close, which would cause the birds to fly off. This is not okay in my books. Yes, we went to see the birds and to show them to Ella. However, we were there to observe, not disturb. While it may look like we are close in the following photographs and video, we aren’t. We were on the dyke using a 600mm lens. If there hadn’t been owls so close to the dyke, we wouldn’t have gotten these photographs… we got lucky. I think everyone needs to watch this Global BC segment and learn why it’s so important to respect these birds and give them space. (end rant!)

So beautiful…

And cute too!

I would like to say, that the birds that we filmed flying, were not disturbed by us. Hope you enjoy!

Happy Monday 🙂

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