Welcoming Jonah – A Birth Story

Yesterday I had the absolute pleasure of being present when a new life was welcomed into a very loving family. I was covering for Tracy Armstrong, who was taking a well deserved vacation with her family, when this little guy decided to come four weeks early! I received the call at 4:41 am from Trevor to let me know that Gillian was entering into active labour… I was in my car by 4:50 at the hospital by 5:13… but I missed the actual birth by about 20 minutes! Jonah decided that he just couldn’t wait to meet everyone and arrived at 4:53! Definitely a fast delivery. This is his story, as seen through my eyes.

When I came into the room, Gillian was radiant as she rested with Jonah on her chest.


Daddy checking him out.


So much joy and happiness!


Time for food.


When I was choosing images to share today, I had such a hard time choosing. I was struck by just how much love there was in the room!


Taking a moment to rest her eyes, in absolute contentment.


Sharing the news with Gillian’s grandma… one more great grandchild to add to her family!


A message of congratulations from Gillian’s dad.


A visit with some of the midwives at Semiahmoo Midwifery, where Gillian is also a midwife.


Time for daddy to get some skin to skin cuddles!




So peaceful in his studying of daddy!


I love how beautiful Gillian looks in this image. She’s radiating pure happiness!


Resting peacefully…


Getting all ready for big brother to come and meet him!


Gillian was telling Jonah a story about how his brother called him Spadoodles before he was born… and to me, it looks like he’s smiling about it!


Mateo was so excited to meet his baby brother!






Big yawn… being born is hard work!


Comparing hands 🙂


Time for breakfast!


And snuggles with grandma!


Just relaxing…


Checking out his brother!


Time for a story.


A beautiful family!


I LOVE tiny baby feet!


Here he is: Jonah Neil, born August 25th, 2015 at 4:53 am. He weighed 6lbs 3 oz and is 18.75 inches long! Welcome to the world little one!


Gillian and Trevor, thank you so much for allowing me to share in this special moment in your lives. I trust that Jonah is thriving and you’ll all be able to go home soon! May life continue to surprise and delight you 🙂 With gratitude, Katrina.

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