What Photographers do on Vacation

This latest trip was supposed to be all about family. Somehow a little photography slipped in. Most of the time, especially with Ella around, we became happy snappers; photographing like the average tourist. I even posed in front of Lake Louise with Ella for the traditional “say cheese” shot.

Katrina and I always make it a habit to offer to take a quick snap of others who are struggling to take a self portrait in front of some famous location. It’s kind of fun to play with someone else’s camera settings and create something interesting for them out of the blue. Hopefully they see the images and think, wow, cool. Most of our images are just snaps, wonderful reminders of a fun trip.

With four cameras in the car, we did however manage a few hours of photography fun. Here’s a little sample of the images that we actually thought about. I hope you enjoy them.

In no particular order… The badlands outside Drumheller, Alberta. Late in the day, the sun hits the badlands in a way that brings out the otherwise grey formations.

Star trails over Dinosaur Provincial Park, Alberta.

The Bow River, in the foothills outside Banff National Park.

This shot was taken with an infrared camera. It’s north of Nakusp in a little place called Shelter Bay.

The last image from this post is from Yoho National Park. It’s Emerald Lake, north of Field.

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