Why choose me?

I’ve been giving this question a lot of thought lately. What makes me different? What makes me “better” than someone else? Why would you want to choose me as your photographer?

To be honest, I don’t have all the answers. Photography is so subjective, that what some people consider good is not what someone else would be happy with. What I can tell you is some of the benefits that we offer.

* Most sessions take place either in your favourite park or your home. Especially with newborns, I’ve found that this is easiest for all parties. Kids are already in an environment that they are comfortable in and the parents don’t need to try and get everyone dressed and out of the house on time. It eases the stress.

* You get two photographers. As most of you know, both Eric and I are photographers. Eric is far more technical than I am and he does most of the lighting set up. We work well together as a team and it allows for more creative images to be produced. We constantly challenge each other to “think outside the box” and create something unique at each session.

* Experience. I’ve been in business for 15 years now. There isn’t much that I haven’t seen in terms of behaviour from kids (or parents)! I take it all in stride and quickly figure out what works best for the family that I’m working with. My single focus is to create images that will truly touch your heart.

* We LOVE what we do. Some people think this is not a reason to choose a photographer but I think it is. Passion for what you do simply makes each session a joy rather than work!

* We guarantee our work.

Hope these thoughts help to make your choice a little easier. Don’t forget to check out our February Special…only 4 days left to take advantage of it! Also, we’re still hoping for some more feedback on yesterday’s blog post, so if you have a few moments, please share your thoughts!

And just because I can’t go too many days without posting a photo, here’s a snapshot of the three of us. Ella likes to “sleep” on the floor, and we usually have to join her.

Keep Smiling!

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