Why I love what I do!

I’ve been asked a LOT, “Why do you photograph babies and kids, isn’t it really hard?” To which I always reply…”Nope, it’s a lot of fun!” I believe that the key to photographing babies and kids is to let them be themselves 🙂 Don’t expect them to sit still and smile just because you’ve asked them to. What makes a child so precious to a parent, is his or her funny little quirks. It’s in the expressions, the little things they do that make your heart melt. I love to capture this for a family, it’s so special!

As a mom, Ella reminds me of this every day. When I was pregnant, I started writing a journal for her. I know it’s not possible to document everything that happens in her life (short of walking around with a video camera 24/7!), but I try to record as much as I can. I write about the good (when she started giving kisses with the Mmmmwwwaaa sound effect), and the bad (when she burned her hand and forehead on the convection oven). I write about the times when I’ve felt like the worst mom in the world (see last statement!). I write about the moments that melt my heart. I photograph little moments often and every once in a while, I pull out the studio light and do “proper” portraits. Being a parent has made me a better photographer. I always knew that a child’s personality was what made them special to their parents, but I never quite understood just how much until Ella was born. If it’s possible, I feel even luckier to do what I do for a living.

These two snapshots really are Ella. Hanging out in her PJ’s, reading books. In fact, yesterday she sat in a box and read books for about 45 minutes straight, but that’s another post all together.

Happy Thursday!

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