Why? Wednesday #4

Me: Ella, please don’t climb over the back of the couch.
Ella: Why?

In case you missed my Why? Wednesday post on Friday

Have you ever had one of those moments where you come up with an idea that you love…and you’re met with “crickets”? You know…that silence where all you can hear is crickets singing? That’s how I’ve felt about Why? Wednesdays. I’d hoped that lots of people would post comments, with some of them being completely irreverent. That they would echo what I really wanted to say, but didn’t because I’m being a “responsible” parent. I was hoping to be in tears each week from laughing so hard. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVED all the comments we did get and there was plenty of laughter…I’d just hoped for more.

However, I’m either incredibly stubborn or a glutton for punishment. I’ve decided to continue with it for another month. I’m truly hoping that it’s just taking a little while for it to “catch” on and soon it will be something that people look forward to each week. That it’ll be providing us endless amounts of laughter and a great relief from what we “need” to say as responsible parents. (So that means, you, yes, YOU, need to comment below :))

A quick recap of what you can win. Each week, we are giving away a 30 minute photography phone tutorial with Eric. Just think, your own personal photo geek (if you’re following along on Tuesdays, this could be really helpful!) to ask anything you want… If you win, I’ll even throw in a bonus $10 Starbucks card if you can come up with a question that stumps him. Each month, we are drawing for a 2 hour face to face photo tutorial with either Eric or I. You choose who’s brain you want to pick and we can cover anything from how to take better photographs of your kids to the latest tips in Photoshop. The winner for the monthly prize will be chosen from everyone who comments, not just the weekly winners.

Want a BONUS entry? Simply share this post on Facebook, tagging our fan page when you do and we’ll add an extra entry for you into both the weekly and monthly draw.

So back to the question…

Me: Ella, please don’t climb over the back of the couch.
Ella: Why?

Post your comment below before Feb 14th at 9pm and we’ll post the winner with next week’s question.

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