Yup, we do that too!

I received an email a while back saying, “I can see from your blog that you love to photograph kids and babies, but I’m wondering if you also photograph families?” I replied, “Of course we do!” But it made me stop and think, do my clients or potential clients really know what type of work we do?

So here’s a breakdown. Our speciality is definitely kids and babies. It’s what we are known for. As a part of that, we also do family portraits. This can be anything from huge family groups that include several generations down to just the two or three of you! It can also be the special time when you’re expecting your first (or second or third!) baby. We do photograph weddings, but only 2 per year. We also do coporate headshots.

Here are a few of the ones that I did on Monday for a law firm. I guess the key to all our photography is that it is important for us that our clients are comfortable and that we capture their personality. We want you to love your images and that’s why we guarantee our work!

Keep Smiling 🙂

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